A REST API For Your Database.

Connect Your Database. Write Queries. Run them via a REST API.

Perfect for static sites and Serverless functions.

How It Works


Bring Your Own Database

Connect your own PostgreSQL or MySQL database, write your own queries, and Seamless handles the REST.

You own and control all your own data.

SQL Queries

Define Your SQL Queries

Define any SQL query you want in our user console, including optional named parameters for user-supplied values. Queries with user-supplied values are executed using cached prepared statements for security and efficiency.

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE author_id = ${author_id}LIMIT 50

Add REST API Endpoints

Get REST API endpoints for your pre-defined queries without writing any code. Seamless handles every aspect of the REST API for you - secure token authentication, securely passing values to your queries, and more.

GET /queries/run/queryName?access_token=abc123&authorId=42

API Token Authentication

Generate as many auth tokens as you need and only allow them access to the queries you want. Manage and revoke API tokens with ease from our dashboard.


No Lock-In

Serverless + SQL

Traditional relational databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL are not well suited for serverless functions due to the need for persistent connections.

Seamless handles this for you with efficient connection pooling so all you have to do is use our REST API.

No Lock-In

No Lock-In

Since you own and control both the database and all your data, it is easy to move off Seamless if you ever feel like you need to.

Get Started


Closed Beta

Seamless is in closed beta right now. If you are interested in using Seamless in the future, you can join our wait list below: