Severless Database Proxy Service

Seamless provides an easy way to securely run SQL queries in your serverless and worker script environments without juggling database connections.

No Lock-In

Serverless + SQL

Traditional relational databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL are not well suited for serverless functions or worker scripts due to the need for drivers and persistent connections.

Sandboxed serverless environments like GitHub Actions, Cloudflare Workers, CI steps, and many others do not allow database connections.

Seamless handles this for you with efficient connection pooling on our servers so all you have to do is use our REST API to run any query you like, for any environment.


Bring Your Own Database

Connect your own PostgreSQL database, write your own queries, and Seamless handles the REST.

You own and control all your own data.


API Token Authentication

Generate as many auth tokens as you need and only allow them access to the types of queries and database tables you want.

Manage and revoke API tokens with ease from our dashboard.

Full Audit Log

Full Audit Log + Stats

Keep a full audit log of all queries run against your database per key and project, and easily identify slow queries.

Use our dashboard to track query response times and more.

Get Started


Closed Beta

Seamless is in closed beta right now. If you are interested in using Seamless in the future, you can join our wait list below: